UN-CODE is a web-based scientific visualization tool that helps you upgrade your case study work to the next level! The application provides the ability to structure social science case data in a database, including actors, problem/solution definitions and the time-based development of connections. It then calculates scores for PSD, Connectedness and Fitness values.

Fed up with viewing case data in grey boring excel sheets? No problem, UN-CODE offers an accessible way of presenting your scientific work! In a free-moving 3D environment you can follow, how the case unfolds and how the actors are moving and connecting throughout their decision-making progress. And the best of it all: It is completely free!

unc prev1a

UN-CODE provides multiple ways of visualizing your data, such as slopes, peaks and columns, showing the adaption process in a Fitness Landscape-esque model and highlighting specific actors within the complex system. It also offers more traditional overviews of PSDs and their persistance to help you keep track of the data.

Due to its web-nature, you can now finally work on your case from all over the world – or with your team on a common project – but without the hassle to transfer data by mail.


To start, you simply add actors and time fields, assign problem-solution-definitions and actor connections based on your research in a clear usable interface. To facilitate your work, UN-CODE even allows to upload and manage your sources in one place!

Curious? Get started now! Click here for the Tutorial.

Or get directly to the UNCODE-App!